Fishermen in traditional catamaran boats in the early morning. 
 Handline fishing is the traditional way of fishing in Kizimkazi. 
 Although relatively expensive, some fishermen opted for a motor driven boat which can be used for many other activities beside fishing. 
 Fishermen and helpers moving back a traditional catamaran boat out of the sea. 
 Kizimakazi seascape. 
 Women collecting mussels in a low tide. 
 A family hunting Octopus.  
 Kizimkazi boy with two sardines. 
 Sardines are caught with encircling nets that are typically placed and collected twice a week. The catch is sold at the shore within minutes. Kids usually wait for the trade to finish and look for left overs (two sardines or three) underneat the nets. 
 A bucket full of sardines with a barracuda fish. 
 Yellowfin Tuna deep sea fishing is also very common in Kizimkazi.   
 A fisherman cooking fish by the shore. 
 A beach scene in Kizimkazi.  
 Man with two  Yellowfin tunas on his motobike. 
 Traces of water on the shore. 
 Traditional net making tools. 
 A man repairing a net in Kizimkazi beach. 
 Fishermen preparing a net for fishing.
 Football is very popular in Kizimkazi. Some fishermen end their day with a deserved game along other young villagers. 
 Fishermen pushing their boat to the sea before sunset. 
 Among other activities, some villagers and fishermen spend their evening watching television at one of the small grocery stores of the village. 
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