Bomb Girls

Ok something different just for fun. 

A lot of festivals in India are celebrated with firecrackers. It reminds me of my childhood in Morocco. My father used to buy some for the day of Ashura and I used to re-sell most of it to my friends :) I understood at a very early age that enjoying the sound of their explosion and sometimes, lighting them up as well, could be a free experience, and I could above that make some money out of it. Anyways, I was fortunate to be in Varanasi during the Chhath Puja  Festival which is celebrated the sixth day after Diwali. Firecrackers, of course, are on the menu and especially during the eve of the last day. While roaming the streets after the last day, I noticed something very interesting and amusing. I decided then to make a photo series out of it ... just for fun. Enjoy!