Varanassi: A Crossroads City!

The American author Mark Twain, said of Varanasi: "Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together." His description is spot-on, however what caught my attention in Varanasi (during a 7 days street photography workshop with Maciej Dakowicz) is the number of diverging paths that converge so well in this mystic and culturally rich city: Past & Present, Old & Young, One & Many, Calm & Noisy, Lines & Curves, Blue&Reds, Yoga & Kushti, Vivid colours vs Muted, Tradition & Modernity and the list is long. It seemed like a city where many roads meet: A crossroads city.

I wanted to subtly illustrate this aspect in the below collection of pictures that were taken during my brief stay in Varanasi. I tried to avoid Clichés but I know that I m not giving justice to its beauty... Other visits are definitely a must.

And ah ... the workshop with Maciej was a blast. It's exactly what I needed to tweak my photography. Strongly recommended to anyone at any level. We were a small group of 4 enthusiastic photgraphers (David Saunders, Stefan Goenveld, Steve and myself) all with different interests and different style. Lovely experience with great company indeed!

(Link to higher res pictures.)